Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

City Water Rail


Recently heard and seen at the KIlbarry Walkway in Waterford Citym the elusive Water Rail.

Otter Road-kill Near Becket’s Restaurant


An unusual road-kill at an unusual place – on the main road to Dunmore East from Waterford City, near Becket’s Restaurant, an Otter!

Urban Mink in Kilcohan


An urban Mink recently seen in the KIlcohan area of Waterford City.

Barn Owl at Kilcohan


Recently seen near the Kilcohan Shopping Centre, the Barn Owl.

Invasive Plants at Kilbarry Bog


A new invasive species at the Kilbarry Bog NHA in Waterford City – an ornamental Variegated Phragmites, a probable escapee from some local domestic pond.

Update: Mute Swan’s Nest


This nest was flooded by a high tide on the 6th May and now appears to have been abandoned!