Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

A Christmas Eve Robin


Trapped and ringed on Christmas Eve in Waterford City, a friendly Robin.

Orb Web Spider


Probably more common than the records suggest, the Orb Web Spider Araniella curcurbitina was  recently seen at the Kilbarry Bog National Heritage Area in Waterford City.

Theridion Spider


A male Theridion spider infested with red spider mites in a Waterford City greenhouse.

Garden Cross Spiders


Photographed in a Waterford City Garden today, early newly hatched Garden Cross Spiders. These will be distributed by the wind to the surrounding area.

Each of these spiderlings is 2-3mm in size. They will grow into one of the largest spiders you are likely to encounter in Ireland.

Garden Cross with Caddis Fly


A Garden Cross spider preparing a Caddis Fly for a later snack in Waterford City.