Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

A Christmas Eve Robin


Trapped and ringed on Christmas Eve in Waterford City, a friendly Robin.

Otter Road-kill Near Becket’s Restaurant


An unusual road-kill at an unusual place – on the main road to Dunmore East from Waterford City, near Becket’s Restaurant, an Otter!

Orca Washed Ashore in Tramore


Washed ashore at Tramore Back Strand, an Orca or Killer Whale.

Grey Seal in Dunmore East


In the harbour at Dunmore east over the weekend, a Grey Seal.

Otter at St. John’s Bridge


An Otter is now regularly seen at St. John’s Bridge in Waterford City.

Otter in St. John’s River


An intense Otter in St. John’s River at the Kilbarry Bog in Waterford City.

Boar Fish Near Clonea


A rare Boar Fish Capros aper, recently washed ashore at Ballyclamper near Clonea strand.

Fin Whale at Brownstown Head


A Fin Whale seen off Brownstown Head by Maurice Flynn.

Killer Whales Off Clonea Strand


A party of five Killer Whales was seen in calm seas off Clonea Strand at the weekend.

Ack. to Paul Walsh

Image ack. to courses.washington.edu.



A By-The-Wind-Sailor recently seen near Boatstrand.