Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Humming-bird Hawk Moth


Now to be seen in some gardens, the Humming-bird Hawk Moth.

Peppered Moths near Kilmacthomas


Mating Peppered Moths Biston betularia near Kilmacthomas.

Herald Moth


The Herald moth recently seen flying in a Waterford City garden.

Elephant Hawk Moth


Elephant Hawk Moth larva recently seen in Waterford City.

Six-spot Burnet Moth


A Six-spot Burnet moth feeding on Knapweed near Ardmore.

Elephant Hawk Moth


Found on a wall at Tankerstown near Bunmahon, the small Elephant Hawk Moth.

Rare Micromoth Micropterix Aruncella

A male and female of the rare micro moth Micropterix aruncella recently seen in Waterford City.

Det. by K.G.M. Bond

Ireland’s Largest Migrant Moths

Ireland’s two largest migrant moths recently trapped at Brownstown Head, The Convolvulous Hawk Moth and the Death’s Head Hawk Moth.




Plume Moth


A plume moth recently reported from a number of city windows, Emmelina monodactyla, sometimes described as the T Moth

Moths at Brownstown Head

Moths at Brownstown Head late last week, thePuss Moth and theStriped Hawk Moth.