Waterford Wildlife

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The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Winter Butterflies


The radiators are on and the sun is shining. The house is warm. Butterflies and some moths that are hibernating in your house for the winter are fooled into thinking that the Spring has sprung and start flying in your house. Take them gently and put them in a dark place. They will fly again when the real Spring arrives.

Green-veined Whites


Green-veined White butterflys were flying in good numbers in the south of Waterford City today.

Spring Butterflies

Spring butterflies now on the wing include the Holly Blue and the Orange Tip.

Speckled Wood Butterfly


Flying during sunny spells between the showers, an early Speckled Wood butterfly in a Waterford City garden.

Red Admiral Butterfly


A very late Red Admiral butterfly hatched this year was seen in Waterford City today.

Clouded Yellow Butterfly


Recently seen at Brownstown Head, the migrant Clouded Yellow butterfly.

Locally Found Butterflies

Three butterflies now flying on a sunny Easter Sundey; the Small Tortoiseshell, the Holly Blue and the Orange Tip.

Comma Butterfly


Recently seen in Waterford City, the unusual Comma butterfly.

Butterflies Now Flying

Now flying in small numbers, the Orange Tip, Holly Blue and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies.

Holly Blues Reported


Holly Blue butterflies were seen flying in a Waterford City garden on the 06th. and 07th. of April.