Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Brent Geese in Tramore


Winter Brent Geese populations at Tramore Back Strand and Dungarvan are now well established.

Urban Mink in Kilcohan


An urban Mink recently seen in the KIlcohan area of Waterford City.

Rare Sighting of Hoopoe


Seen in Waterford City garden yesterday, the Hoopoe.


Humming-bird Hawk Moth


The migrant Humming-bird Hawk Moth was photographed today in a Waterford City garden.

Red Damselfly in Fenor


Now flying at Fenor Bog, the Large Red Damselfly.

Peppered Moths near Kilmacthomas


Mating Peppered Moths Biston betularia near Kilmacthomas.

Garden Cross Spiders


Photographed in a Waterford City Garden today, early newly hatched Garden Cross Spiders. These will be distributed by the wind to the surrounding area.

Each of these spiderlings is 2-3mm in size. They will grow into one of the largest spiders you are likely to encounter in Ireland.

Swifts in Waterford City


Many Swifts about Kilcohan in Waterford City – first of the year. .

Whitethorn & Blackthorn Blossom

Have you seen the thorn blossom yet?

Wheatear in Waterford City


The African incoming migrants still continue to arrive here such as this Wheatear seen in Waterford City two days ago.