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Grey Lag Goose


38 Grey Lag Geese were recently seen and reported at the Coolfin haunt near Portlaw.


Brent Geese at Tramore


About 80 Brent Geese have arrived at Tramore from the Arctic to spend the winter  here.

Cinnibar Moth


The Cinnabar Moth is a member of a family of the most colourful insects to be found in Waterford and Ireland. One was recently seen in the Kilbarry Bog in Watrford City.

Silver Y Moth


The Silver Y is a very common immigrent from mainland Europe and North Africa. They start arriving in May and further influxes take place through the summer months.There is a return migration mainly in September each year.

Bolttlenose Dolphin


A dead Bottlense Dolphin was washed ashore at Rathmoylan Cove yesterday. The causeof the death is unknown.

Painted Lady


Now moving south between the showers, fair numbers of Painted Ladies on their way to their winter quarters in Africa.

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Orb Web Spider


Probably more common than the records suggest, the Orb Web Spider Araniella curcurbitina was  recently seen at the Kilbarry Bog National Heritage Area in Waterford City.

Ireland’s Rarest Crow – the Chough


One of the birds that Europeans come to Ireland to see, is common along the coast of Waterford. Depicted here are Choughs at Dunmore East.

Day-flying Magpie Moth


Now on the wing in many local places, the day-flying multi-coloured Magpie Moth,