Waterford Wildlife

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The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Buzzards in Waterford City


Seen standing on fence poles near the municipal golf course on the outer ring road in Waterford City, two mornings this week, two Buzzards.

Otter Roadkill


This Otter was just killed at Sallypark in Waterford City – the first report of an otter road kill this year.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly


Seen in strong sunshine yesterday, the Small Tortoiseshell butterfly at Boatstrand and in Waterford City.

Irish Biogeographical Society No. 31


Just published in the journal of the Irish Biogeographical Society (Bulletin No.31) (NMI, Dublin), details of Waterford distribution of:

  • 20 Amphipods species
  • 5 Donacine Beetles species
  • A Diving Beetle new to Ireland
  • 2 Sawfly species and
  • 29 species of Cranefly

Cranefly image ack. to Stefan Buczack.

Reports of Black Panther Sightings


Reports of sightings of a “Black Panther” in the Comeragh and Knockmealdown Mountains were broadcast in the national media today.

Bear in mind that similar reports of “Large Cats” roaming the mountains also occurred in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s – but these were never confirmed in any way.

3-footed Deer


3-footed deer seen in the Knockmealdown Mountains at the weekend.

Return of Ringed Robin


A juvenile Robin ringed in a Waterford City garden on the 21st June 2004 was again trapped in the same place today.

Barnacle Covered Log


A 6m round log (possibly part of an old ship’s mast) washed ashore at Tramore Strand on Christmas Day, was festooned with in excess of 1,000 Goose Barnacles. In bygone days, theses barnacles were thought to be the eggs of black and white geese that were then named after them – the Barnacle Goose and the Brent Goose, Branta bernicla. These were then thought to be the male and female of the same species.

Hibernating Small Tortoiseshells


A number of recent reports are in of butterflies flying in houses or seemingly dead on window sills. These are hibernating Small Tortoiseshells confused by strong sunlight and heat from radiators into thinking that the Spring has sprung! These are not dead. Take them gently and put into a dark safe place (behind a wardrobe or under the bed). They will emerge when natural conditions are amenable and will fly away.

Red Squirrel at Ballyscanlon


This Red Squirrel was photographed scampering up a fir tree at Ballyscanlon Lake yesterday.