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The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Mallard Mystery

This picture of about 200 Mallard was taken yesterday at Glendine in west Waterford. They were part of a flock estimated to number at least 1000. All were waddling along this woodland path in a very determined manner, intent on reaching their destination. Where they came from and where they were going, is not known. Why they chose to walk rather then fly is another mystery. Any ideas ??

Lizard Near Ardmore


An early Lizard on the prowl near Ardmore.

Blowfly Living Dangerously


A blowfly living dangerously at Ardmore recently.

Ram Head Moth


A Ram Head day-flying moth, the 6-Spot Burnet.

Lizard Avoiding the Rain


A late-June Lizard keeping out of the rain near Ardmore.

Six-spot Burnet Moth


A Six-spot Burnet moth feeding on Knapweed near Ardmore.

Lizard Near Ardmore


A Lizard near Ardmore

Lizard & Flesh Fly


At Ram Head over the weekend, a young hungry Lizard watching a Flesh Fly watching a young hungry Lizard watching a Flesh Fly watching a …. …………………..

Painted Lady at Ardmore


Now flying in good numbers, the Painted Lady like this one at Ardmore.

Image. ack. to Tom Kennedy

Small White Butterflies


Small White butterflies getting on with the business of regeneration between the showers at Ram Head.