Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County



A By-The-Wind-Sailor recently seen near Boatstrand.


Elephant Hawk Moth


Found on a wall at Tankerstown near Bunmahon, the small Elephant Hawk Moth.

Grey Seal and a Small Copper Butterfly

Seen recently in the Tankerstown/Bunmahon area (the Copper Coast), a cheeky young Grey Seal and a Small Copper butterfly.

Male Pheasant Near Boatstrand


A male Pheasant near Boatstrand.

Ravens Nest Near Bunmahon

Four Ravens nestlings near Bunmahon with an anxious mother in attendance while the pictures were being taken.

Whales Offshore at Bunmahon


Today, many whales seen just offshore at Bunmahon.

Seal Washed Ashore at Bunmahon


This dead seal recently washed ashore near Bunmahon was reported as being shot by fishermen.

Choughs on the Coast of Waterford


Choughs on the Coast of Waterford

White Blackbird


Ballybricken in Waterford City.

I’m dreaming of a white blackbird.