Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Cinnibar Moth


N0w flying in good numbers, many by day, the very coloutrful Cinnibar Moth.

Fox Road Kill


Between the Airport and Couse roundabouts on the outer ring road in Waterford City, yet another Fox road kill.

Mute Swans on St. John’s River


More than 20 adult Mute Swans recently appeared on St. John’s River in the heart of Waterford City. This number did not include the family of swans shown below.

Mute Swan Family


The Mute Swan family shown below are still doing well on St. John’s River at the Kilbarry Bog pNHA.

Mute Swans on St. John’s Pill


Mute Swans on St. John’s Pill in Waterford City. This tidal river badly needs a weir to keep the water artificially high as when the tide is low, all the mess of debris and litter is exposed and it’s an unsightly mess!

Basking Shark off Boatstrand


A Basking Shark off Boatstrand on Whit Sunday.