Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Elephant Hawk Moth


Elephant Hawk Moth larva recently seen in Waterford City.

Frog About to Spawn


A Frog about to spawn at Kilbarry NHA.

Inquisitive Mink


An inquisitive Mink recently seen near Tramore.

Gannet in Flight


Seen recently, a Gannet in Flight.

Brent Geese at Tramore Back Strand


Brent Geese at Tramore Back Strand.

Swans Hatching


See below – Success!! The first to hatch out on the 16th. May

Swan Tending Its Eggs


A Waterford City Swan tending its eggs over the weekend.

Red Squirrel near Kilmeadan


An early January Red Squirrel near Kilmeadan.

Woodcock Seen Near Kilmeaden


True to lore, with the arrival of the first full moon in November (known as the Hunter’s Moon), four Woodcock and a Jack Snipe were seen near Kilmeaden.

Seal Washed Ashore at Tramore


A Seal in seemingly good condition washed ashore at Tramore. A victim of fishing nets?