Waterford Wildlife

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The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Fin Whale off Hook Head


A Fin Whale recently seen off Hook Head. For further details, listen to ‘Seascapes’ on RTE Radio 1 at 7pm Friday 03rd December.

Mink Near Lismore


An active Mink on the prowl near Lismore.

Pygmy Sperm Whale


A new whale species for Waterford. A Pygmy Sperm Whale washed ashore at Dungarvan on the 10th December is a first record for the county and the eight record for Ireland.

3-footed Deer


3-footed deer seen in the Knockmealdown Mountains at the weekend.

Choughs at Whiting Bay


Two of 24 Choughs recently seen at Whiting Bay.

Clouded Yellows


Clouded Yellows continue to fly between the showers in the areas of Ardmore and Clashmore.

One also seen in Waterford City on the 11th.

Emerald Damsel


The Emerald Damsel, recently photographed in West Waterford.

Silver-washed Fritillary


Now on the wing in the Clashmore area, the Silver-washed Fritillary.

Bank Vole


Waterford’s newest mammal, a Bank Vole was found in a stunned condition on the Vee road outside Lismore at the weekend. It was carefully moved to roadside vegetation where it later recovered.

Four Spotted Chaser & Emperor Dragonfly


Just reported from the Clashmore area – the Four Spotted Chaser shown here and the Emperor Dragonfly. Both are extensions to the known range of these insects in Waterford.