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The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Pygmy Sperm Whale


A new whale species for Waterford. A Pygmy Sperm Whale washed ashore at Dungarvan on the 10th December is a first record for the county and the eight record for Ireland.

Long-finned Pilot Whale


2Washed ashore at Tramore Back Strand on the 1st. September, the largest member of the Dolphin family, a Long-finned Pilot Whale.

Red Bandfish


A very rare Red Bandfish Cupola rubiscens L. 1746, was found by Alice Bennett on Annestown beach on the 25th August. This appears to be the 5th Irish record for this native fish. It grows to about 300mm long.

Record ack. to Jim Hurley. Image ack. to R.. Patzner.

Basking Shark off Boatstrand


A Basking Shark off Boatstrand on Whit Sunday.

Sightings Off Ram Head


Seen off Ram Head this morning, 9 Harbour Porpoises, 40+ Dolphins, 1 Minke Whale and 9 Basking Sharks.

Record ack. to Andrew Malcolm. Basking Shark image ack. to Jamie Malone.

Barnacle Covered Log


A 6m round log (possibly part of an old ship’s mast) washed ashore at Tramore Strand on Christmas Day, was festooned with in excess of 1,000 Goose Barnacles. In bygone days, theses barnacles were thought to be the eggs of black and white geese that were then named after them – the Barnacle Goose and the Brent Goose, Branta bernicla. These were then thought to be the male and female of the same species.

35 Basking Sharks off Ram Head

An amazing 35 Basking Sharks were recorded off Ram Head on the 31st May

Images taken from www.baskingshark.ie.

Src: http://www.baskingshark.ie/index.php?option=com_admirorgallery&view=layout&Itemid=92