Waterford Wildlife

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The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Inquisitive Otter Near Portlaw.


An inquisitive Otter near Portlaw.

Seal Washed Ashore at Tramore


A Seal in seemingly good condition washed ashore at Tramore. A victim of fishing nets?

Sperm Whale in Dungarvan


A rare Sperm Whale expired at the Cunnigar Spit in Dungarvan on the 19th. August.

Image ack.to Lorna Siggins/Irish Times

Albino and Eyeless Monk Fish


From the archives……

Exactly 10 years ago, Sean Carroll landed this very rare albino and eyeless Monk Fish off Dunmore East where it caused a bit of a stir as local fishermen had never seen the like before.

Grey Seal and a Small Copper Butterfly

Seen recently in the Tankerstown/Bunmahon area (the Copper Coast), a cheeky young Grey Seal and a Small Copper butterfly.

Whales Offshore at Bunmahon


Today, many whales seen just offshore at Bunmahon.

Fin Whale off Hook Head


A Fin Whale recently seen off Hook Head. For further details, listen to ‘Seascapes’ on RTE Radio 1 at 7pm Friday 03rd December.

Seal release at Tramore


Seal release at Tramore yesterday.

Humpback Whales


Seen today at the mouth of Waterford Harbour, Humpback Whales.

Image. ack. to Aquawhalewatch

Grey Seal Release


Grey Seal release at Tramore on the 23rd.