Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

A Christmas Eve Robin


Trapped and ringed on Christmas Eve in Waterford City, a friendly Robin.

Common Snail


A common snail Helix Aspera devouring the flowers of the Summer Snowflake on the banks of the River Suir.

Garden Snails Enjoying Wet Weather


At least Garden Snails Helix Aspera are enjoying the wet weather at present!

Barnacle Covered Log


A 6m round log (possibly part of an old ship’s mast) washed ashore at Tramore Strand on Christmas Day, was festooned with in excess of 1,000 Goose Barnacles. In bygone days, theses barnacles were thought to be the eggs of black and white geese that were then named after them – the Barnacle Goose and the Brent Goose, Branta bernicla. These were then thought to be the male and female of the same species.