Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Long-finned Pilot Whale


2Washed ashore at Tramore Back Strand on the 1st. September, the largest member of the Dolphin family, a Long-finned Pilot Whale.

Soprano Pipistrelle Bat


A probable Soprano Pipistrelle bat recently trapped at Brownstown Head.

Fox Road Kill


Between the Airport and Couse roundabouts on the outer ring road in Waterford City, yet another Fox road kill.

Basking Shark off Boatstrand


A Basking Shark off Boatstrand on Whit Sunday.

Urban Stoat


Just recorded going through gardens in the Hillview area of Waterford City, an urban Stoat.

Grey Squirrels Near Ferrybank


Grey Squirrels near Ferrybank in Waterford City – will they cross the river?

Otter Roadkill


This Otter was just killed at Sallypark in Waterford City – the first report of an otter road kill this year.

3-footed Deer


3-footed deer seen in the Knockmealdown Mountains at the weekend.

Red Squirrel at Ballyscanlon


This Red Squirrel was photographed scampering up a fir tree at Ballyscanlon Lake yesterday.

Bank Vole


Waterford’s newest mammal, a Bank Vole was found in a stunned condition on the Vee road outside Lismore at the weekend. It was carefully moved to roadside vegetation where it later recovered.