Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Dolphins on the Suir


Two dolphins were seen on the River Suir near Mount Congreve on the 13th November (one shown here).

Fox Cubs


Two Fox cubs playing about at the Williamstown complex in Waterford City yesterday.

House Mouse Infestations


Several reports of House Mouse infestation in Waterford City over the past week.

Urban Mink in Kilcohan


An urban Mink recently seen in the KIlcohan area of Waterford City.

Orca Washed Ashore in Tramore


Washed ashore at Tramore Back Strand, an Orca or Killer Whale.

Grey Squirrel


A Grey Squirrel found at an allotment in Waterford City – bad news for the Reds!!

Grey Seal in Dunmore East


In the harbour at Dunmore east over the weekend, a Grey Seal.

Rabbits in Spring


Full of the joys of Spring at Williamstown Sports Complex in the City, Rabbits.

Bat Recordings Identified


Two bats flying around a pine tree in a Waterford City garden were identified as Soprano Pipistrelles by using a Bat Box to identify their sounds.

Otter at St. John’s Bridge


An Otter is now regularly seen at St. John’s Bridge in Waterford City.