Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle


The Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle seen in the Hillview part of the city this week.


Platyartthrus Hoffmannseggi

The smallest woodlouse (1-2mm) the eyeless Platyartthrus hoffmannseggi recently seen in Waterford City. This is always associated with Red Ants.

Woodlice by Graeme Lyons

Red Ant by Michael Guinan

Rare Micromoth Micropterix Aruncella

A male and female of the rare micro moth Micropterix aruncella recently seen in Waterford City.

Det. by K.G.M. Bond

Grey Seal and a Small Copper Butterfly

Seen recently in the Tankerstown/Bunmahon area (the Copper Coast), a cheeky young Grey Seal and a Small Copper butterfly.

Locally Found Butterflies

Some local Butterflies now enjoying the sunny weather. Red Admiral, Small Copper, Painted Lady, Small Copper, Holly Blue, Orange Tip, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Large White.

Orange Tip Butterflies


Flying at the Kilbarry Bog in Waterford City yesterday, early Orange Tip butterflies.

Holly Blue


Now flying in Waterford City gardens, the Holly Blue.

Image Credit: http://butterfly-conservation.org/50-923/holly-blue.html

Late Red Admirals


Flying on a bright October morning, several late Red Admiral butterflies that have yet to make their way to Africa for the winter months.

Ireland’s Largest Migrant Moths

Ireland’s two largest migrant moths recently trapped at Brownstown Head, The Convolvulous Hawk Moth and the Death’s Head Hawk Moth.




How to Deal with Pesky Wasps


Are the Wasps bothering you? Get a jam jar. Put some jam into it. Half fill it with water – with a drop of beer if you have it. Shake it about. Put some grease-proof paper on top as a lid and secure it with an elastic band. Poke a hole in the lid with a pencil. Rub some jam about the hole and put it on the kitchen window cill (or anywhere else). Job done!!