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The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Clouded Yellow Butterfly


In a poor butterfly year, only one migrant Clouded Yellow has been reported from Waterford City.

Ram Head Moth


A Ram Head day-flying moth, the 6-Spot Burnet.

Comma Butterfly at Porthally


A rare Comma butterfly on bramble recently seen at Porthally.

Common Blue in Back Strand


A Common Blue butterfly recently seen at Tramore Back Strand.

Froghopper Nymph


A Froghopper nymph inside so-called cuckoo-spit.



Comma Butterflies Near Jack Meade’s Pub


One of two rare Comma butterflies seen over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend near Jack Meade’s pub in east Waterford.

Six-spot Burnet Moth


A Six-spot Burnet moth feeding on Knapweed near Ardmore.

Elephant Hawk Moth


Found on a wall at Tankerstown near Bunmahon, the small Elephant Hawk Moth.

Harlequin Ladybird Beetle


The very invasive and damaging Harlequin Ladybird Beetle Harmonia axyridis was found at Tramore Back Strand a few days ago. This comes in many forms, a sample of which is shown here.

Ack. to Alan Walsh

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Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle


The Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle seen in the Hillview part of the city this week.