Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Plume Moth


The unusual Plume Moth aptly named the T Moth.

Dragon Fly


Four-spotted Chaser at Fenor Bog.

Scarlet Lilly Beetle


Reported from the Tycor area of Waterford City, the very invasive Scarlet Lilly Beetle.

Green-veined Whites


Green-veined White butterflys were flying in good numbers in the south of Waterford City today.

Red Damselfly in Fenor


Now flying at Fenor Bog, the Large Red Damselfly.

Peppered Moths near Kilmacthomas


Mating Peppered Moths Biston betularia near Kilmacthomas.

Spring Butterflies

Spring butterflies now on the wing include the Holly Blue and the Orange Tip.

Speckled Wood Butterfly


Flying during sunny spells between the showers, an early Speckled Wood butterfly in a Waterford City garden.

Red Admiral Butterfly


A very late Red Admiral butterfly hatched this year was seen in Waterford City today.

Wasps Nest


Recently seen in the Norwood area of Waterford City, a Wasps Nest.