Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Kestrel Near Brownstown Head


A hovering Kestrel near Brownstown Head.

Soaring Buzzard


A soaring Buzzard recently seen above the Norwood area of Waterford City.

Party of Swallows Spotted


A small party of Swallows was seen over Waterford City today.

Blackbird feeds on Addled Apples


A hungry female Blackbird feeding on remaining addled apples in the south of Waterford City.

Glossy Ibis Seen in Tramore


Just reported from Tramore Back Strand, 5 Glossy Ibis.

Turnstones in Tramore


Note the excellent camouflage of these Turnstones at Tramore Back Strand.

Barn Owl at Kilcohan


Recently seen near the Kilcohan Shopping Centre, the Barn Owl.

Budgie Sightings Reported


Several reports of a Budgie flying wild in gardens in the south of Waterford City.

Waxwing seen in Tramore


A recent Waxwing seen in Tramore.

Brambling in Waterford City


The unusual Brambling seen today in a Waterford City Garden.