Waterford Wildlife

Since 1999

The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Black Redstart


Recently seen at Brownstown Head –  a female Black Redstart

Lissalan Kingfisher


Pictured at the north of Tramore Back Strand.

City Water Rail


Recently heard and seen at the KIlbarry Walkway in Waterford Citym the elusive Water Rail.

THe Wren, the Wren.


The King of all birds for St. Stephen’s Day



Christmas dinner for a local Redwing.

Winter Butterflies


The radiators are on and the sun is shining. The house is warm. Butterflies and some moths that are hibernating in your house for the winter are fooled into thinking that the Spring has sprung and start flying in your house. Take them gently and put them in a dark place. They will fly again when the real Spring arrives.

Waterford Reindeers


When excavations took place in caves near Dungarvan, bones found were later positively identified as those of Reindeer and were thought to be common here in prehistoric times. However, it was not known then, that they could fly at a certain time each year!!

A surprise Blackcap


In a Waterford City garden tody, a male Blackcap that should now be in the warmer climates of Africa. Why did it choose to overwinter here?

18 Years- and a day.


This site was first launched on the 13th December 1999. The Robin was trapped and ringed on the previous day and has reappeared on the site each Christmas since then. The site is bit slow now, but SURE!!

Brent Geese


Brent Geese at Tramore Back Strand.