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The Wildlife of Waterford City & County

Red Admiral


Now flying in good numbers, the African migrent Red Admiral.

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG)


The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) is dedicated to the conservation and better understanding of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in Irish waters. The Group was founded in 1990 to establish an Irish stranding and sighting scheme and to campaign for the declaration of Irish territorial waters as a whale and dolphin sanctuary. Just six months later in June 1991 the Irish Government declared all Irish waters to be a whale and dolphin sanctuary… the first of its kind in Europe. The IWDG is a broad mix of conservationists, whale watchers, researchers, educators and above all people who are passionate about marine wildlife and cetaceans in particular.

Fox Cubs


Two Fox cubs playing about at the Williamstown complex in Waterford City yesterday.

Plume Moth


The unusual Plume Moth aptly named the T Moth.

Herring Gull nest.


Herring Gulls continue to nest and rear their young on buildings in Dunmore East.

Rare Woodlice


Recently found near Ballymacaw, the tiny (up to 3.6 mm) woodlouse,  Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi.  This is a white  eyeless isopod that lives exclusively with yellow ants Lassius flavus.    This represents an extension of the known range of this species for Co. Waterford.


Theridion Spider


A male Theridion spider infested with red spider mites in a Waterford City greenhouse.



A profusion of roadside flowers near Bunmahon.

Dragon Fly


Four-spotted Chaser at Fenor Bog.

Scarlet Lilly Beetle


Reported from the Tycor area of Waterford City, the very invasive Scarlet Lilly Beetle.